Rare is the dog who does not relish a raw, meaty bone!
 Watching a litter of puppies with their first bones will convince most astute dog lovers, that this is the way pups were meant to eat. The little guys become completely absorbed, growling, chewing, and using their whole bodies to savor and devour their bones. As well they should, for bones provide dogs with a wide variety of complex nutrients, the most important being a perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, bones keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.  Supplementation with artificial calcium preparations and cooked bone meal cannot measure up to feeding the "real" thing, and can often be harmful.
Even though TC incorporates ground bone in most of our mixes, there are still many advantages to feeding whole bones and carcasses. Since we are trying to duplicate a species diet as closely as possible, it follows that to gain the full range of benefits from the raw diet, it is best to include a variety of bones. (Whole carcasses are even better, but for most of us, this is not practical!) This also applies to cats, but unfortunately, unless the cat has been started on raw bones as a kitten, most cats do not readily take to chewing bones. Some might be persuaded to eat small chicken or other poultry necks, so at least let your cats have a try with some smaller rabbit or poultry bones.   
Tips for Feeding RMBS

1. Never feed cooked bones, as they are     brittle and dangerous.

2. Dogs who are not used to chewing bones should be supervised at first for two               reasons:
    a. They may become so excited that they      swallow large pieces.
     b. When given something as yummy             as a bone for the first time, they may            not want to share with others dogs.               Watch for fights.

3. Train your dog to eat on a towel or in a     crate. Rainy days are great for inside      chewing!

4. Bones may be fed frozen--right from the   freezer.

5. Weight bearing bones, especially beef,      can wear or break the teeth in especially zealous chewers. 

Our bones are packaged individually frozen, for your convenience.   They come packaged in 10 lb bags for the medium and large bones, and 3 lb bags for the smaller bones. Here is a listing of the bones we usually have in stock:
                 Variety                                          Price

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