After you have been feeding the raw diet for several months, you will most likely notice positive changes in your pets. Their teeth become sparkling white, even in those elderly animals whose teeth were covered with tartar. There is no longer a need for tedious and time-consuming, daily teeth brushing. No more costly vet visits for pets to be anesthetized for teeth scaling. Bad breath and that “doggy odor” will be lessened. In general, most vet visits will become a thing of the past!

The most amazing benefit of the raw diet is in the litter box or in the backyard. Stools are small, firm, and all but odorless. For cats, the difference is unbelievable! Anyone who is used to the foul stools from cats on kibble, will find that they don’t even notice when their raw fed kitties use the litter box.  As for dogs, their offerings in the grass, will turn to white powder and disintegrate in a day or two. Our animals’ fur is an indication of health.  Dogs and cats on TC and RMBs have shiny, soft fur. Persian and other long hair cats will lose that spiky, oily look. The coat loses its tendency to mat, and combing is an easy, pleasant chore.

For those pets with allergies, the raw diet is literally a “life saver.” Often animals who have been declared allergic to certain proteins in kibble, can tolerate the same uncooked proteins found in a raw diet. Many holistic veterinarians believe that kibble, with its lack of digestibility,  substandard ingredients and preservatives, and extreme heat processing, is the cause of many allergic and auto immune responses in our companions.

Parasites tend to avoid healthy animals. Most raw feeding care-givers see a decrease in fleas and worms. The environment is no longer hospitable for these pesky opportunists. Many breeders, who have raised pups and kittens on the raw diet, find that they do not even need to worm the babies. Natural animal husbandry is fantastic in all ways; moms have more milk and offspring are clean and satisfied. There is no reason to wean early onto messy gruels and formulas.

Psychologically, pets are usually happier eating the raw diet. They are not finicky, and enjoy their food immensely. There is much satisfaction and exercise in chewing and worrying the meaty bones. This is one activity that a dog can rely on in a sometimes confusing, boring, artificial human environment.

I have heard of older, arthritic dogs that began running and playing like youngsters once switched to the species diet. Certainly the natural calcium ratios and other natural occurring substances such as minerals and collagen in RMBs, help both young and old in building and maintaining bone structure. Dr. Billinghurst  feels that the orthopedic problems seen in so many dogs today, could be avoided by feeding the raw diet. He points out that “before kibble” when dogs were being fed with meat scraps and bones, they did not have the problems that are so rampant today.

Try feeding Three Cheers Raw! Raw! Raw!   as a part of your pets’ evolutionary diet. Quality, freshness, and variety are guaranteed.  There are no fillers, no grains, no soy, no preservatives, and no heat processing, just pre-ground frozen mixes formulated from the best fresh, human grade  meat, bone, organs, and vegetables. The recipes have been  tried and approved by hundreds of canines and felines over the last eight years.  Used either alone, or in conjunction with raw meaty bones, Three Cheers Raw! Raw! Raw!    provides the ultimate in nutrition for  happy, healthy pets. Doesn’t your pet deserve the best?




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